Tijeras CreekWhen I first moved to Rancho Santa Margarita in 1995, I was immediately impressed by the good old-fashioned appeal of family neighborhoods. On move-in day I was welcomed with a platter of brownies and several of the neighbors came by to introduce themselves and volunteer their assistance.  It was heart-warming to feel so welcomed and I knew without a doubt that my family would enjoy living in this community.

People are friendly in Rancho Santa Margarita and enjoy interacting with their neighbors.  This week as I was walking a section of the Arroyo Vista Trail near Tijeras Creek Golf Club, I had the opportunity to meet one such person.  He is a robust gentleman, in his mid-fifties who was being taken for a walk by his two Australian Shepherds.

He told me that he had moved to Rancho Santa Margarita from Minnesota shortly after a company merger resulted in his transfer to the company’s Irvine office.  He initially rented in Irvine to allow himself time to get familiar with the Orange County area and while looking fell in love with Rancho Santa Margarita.He purchased a home in Rancho Santa Margarita six months later.  In Rancho Santa Margarita he found a relatively newer home with all the upgrades for considerably less what he was finding in
Irvine – and his commute was only fifteen minutes longer.  One of the things he said he enjoys the most about Rancho Santa Margarita is the convenience of shopping and restaurants. He and his wife enjoy dining at Opah’s  and El Torito Grill  which are both located in
Center. His two daughters are involved in Girl Scouts of America and are enrolled in gymnastics classes at California Elite .

The entire family settled into their new home and their new life in RSM fairly quickly and each of them is grateful for the job transfer that landed them here.  Even the dogs, who enjoy spending more time outside in the moderate Southern California climate. 

Although I spent less than five minutes of my walk speaking with this gentleman, he, and people like him, are part of what makes Rancho Santa Margarita so special.  I may not see him as I’m walking down the trail next week, but I have no doubt that someone will be there, and that I will have the opportunity to meet yet another member of this awesome urban village.